Another take on staircases

In our last blog, we talked about a staircase reflecting the character of the home.  This week we wanted to show you how a staircase can really make a statement, and reflect the homeowner’s personality as well.

Staircase 2 before

This homeowner was tired of how tired his staircase looked.  Covered in carpet, it was hard to keep clean, and no longer worked with the new American Cherry flooring that he had just had us install.  Working with Tracey and Jerry, he decided that he didn’t want to simply carry the same cherry floor up the staircase.  Instead he wanted to create more of a statement look.


There were actually two staircases, one to the upstairs, and one to the third floor.  In addition to wanting to create a “WOW” look, he also wanted the two to have a cohesive feel.




Staircase 2 after #2Because he is very concerned about the environment, this homeowner wanted to use sustainable materials to redo his staircases.  He already had cork flooring on the basement level, so to tie everything together, we used cork for the treads and risers, and American Cherry for the nosing.  Combining the two gave the staircase a unique, one of a kind look that was also a “green” choice.

Cork as a flooring option has many benefits.  The cork itself is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree so the tree itself isn’t cut down.  A cork tree can have a lifespan of 200 years or more, and the bark can be harvested every eight to 14 years without harming the tree.  It is easy to care for, comfortable under your feet, safe, wears well, and versatile. Cork can come in tiles or planks and in many different colors.  Unlike vinyl, the pattern and color goes all the way through.  Because cork has a natural insulating property, rooms with cork flooring are warmer, and quieter.

By combing cork and American Cherry, this homeowner was able to achieve a unique, one of a kind statement look, all while keeping to his goal of using sustainable materials.

Staircase 2 after

Are you interested in using more environmentally friendly, sustainable materials in your home?  There are many options to choose from. Yankee Classic Flooring can help you design a look for your home that is unique AND green.  Consultations and quotes are always free, so give us a call today.

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