Time for a change

Sometimes there is absolutely nothing wrong with what a customer already has in place, they are just looking for a change.  Updating flooring can create an entirely different feel in our homes.  Darker to lighter, lighter to darker, carpet to hardwood or tile, or any other combination can make us feel differently when we walk in the front door at night.  Such was the case with one of Yankee Classic Floorings’ customers. They already had hardwood through much of their home.  It was an older cherry floor that really didn’t have anything wrong with it.  But they were tired of it, and wanted something different.  After consulting with Tracey and Jerry, they decided to replace the cherry floor with a number 2 grade Maple floor. When logs are milled into boards, they are graded based on appearance. A clear grade will have uniform color, longer board lengths and no knots or checks. A number 2 grade will typically show a lot of character, with different colors of light and dark, larger knots and more variation.  Board lengths are generally shorter. One grade isn’t necessarily better than the other, what you choose depends on how you want your home to feel.  Do you want it to have a clean, sophisticated, more modern look or a more rustic look? The Maple floor that this customer picked had just the right feel for their home.

Blog 3 image 1

Removing an older cherry floor for reuse later

Since there was nothing wrong with the floor in place, the homeowners decided they would use it in their study.  So Yankee Classic Flooring carefully removed the old floor, and saved it for installation in the study.

BLog 3 Image 2

Acclimating the floor

The new wood floor would be sanded and finished on site, so the next step was to bring the new flooring into the home, and allow it to acclimate.  This means letting the wood sit in the room where it will be installed for a few days so that it adjusts to moisture and temperature levels in the home.

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Acclimating the floor.

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New Underlayment

Because wood is a natural material, it reacts to different moisture levels and temperatures.  If you install a hardwood floor before you acclimate it to the new environment, the floor could shrink or expand, buckle, cup or develop structural damage. So before wood flooring is installed, Yankee Classic Flooring will deliver it to your home and let it sit for a few days in the rooms where it will live. Once the wood has acclimated, a new underlayment is laid down.  In this case, Yankee Classic flooring used a product that would help reduce noise.       After the floor is installed, it is sanded in place.  Yankee Classic Flooring uses special equipment when sanding in an existing home to ensure that your home is filled with sawdust.  After sanding, the floor is stained.

Floor sanded and stained

Floor sanded and stained

As you can see in this picture, the floor is stained and finished, but the stairs are not done.  In this home, Yankee Classic Flooring also updated the stair system to the second floor.  The main floor was completed before the stair system was begun.

New stair system

New stair system


New rail system

New rail system

Once the new stair system was in place, a new handrail, spindles, baluster and newel post were installed.     Rail System overlooking family room The rail system overlooking the family room was also updated to match the rail system to the second floor.

Finished Floor

Finished Floor

A hardwood floor is certainly beautiful on its own.

 But what makes it truly beautiful is how it looks in your home, with your furniture and accessories.

Blog 3 image 6

Finished Kitchen

Blog 3 image 11

Finished living room

Blog 3 image 13

Finished Stair System

Blog 3 image 12

Finished Dining Room

Whatever flooring you put in your home, it has to fit your lifestyle…and your style.   If your home doesn’t reflect who you are, and it’s time for a change, let Yankee Classic Flooring show you how updating the floors can truly make a difference.  As always, consultations and quotes are free.  Just give us a call today.

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