It’s the new year – and my floor is a mess

Yankee Classic Flooring Winter LakeThe New Year has been rung in, the holidays are over, and the decorations have been put away.  And there, on your beautiful hardwood floor, is evidence of all the activity that your home saw in the last month.  You loved the season, but hate what it’s done to your floor!  The Christmas tree stand overflowed, Grandma’s precious FiFi peed in the guest room, and scratched the floor by the door.  There are small dents in the floor in the dining room from the high heels your best friend wore to the New Year’s Eve party.  Salt residue lines the back hall, and there are black heel marks in the front hall.  It can be as depressing as a gloomy day in January.  But take heart, many of these damages can be easily repaired.

As long as the rest of the floor is in good shape, you only have to concentrate on the damaged area or damaged boards.  Let’s start with how damage such as gouges, high heel marks, scratches from furniture or dogs can be repaired.

If the damage is small, such as a single scratch or gouge that isn’t very stain pendeep, you can purchase a furniture marker of the same color as the wood floor and fill in the damaged areas.  Wipe off the excess with a clean cloth and no one will know the floor was damaged.

If you have a pre-finished floor and have stored extra boards, you are in luck.  The damaged boards can be cut out of the floor and replaced rather easily by one of our expert floor installers.  The floor is site finished, or you don’t have any extra boards for your pre finished floor, Yankee Classic Flooring can fill the gouges with a color matched wax that we then buff to the sheen of your existing floor.

Water StainedIf there is water or urine damage, repairs are best done by a professional.  These areas may need to be spot sanded and re-sealed.  Yankee Classic Flooring offers a variety of finishes that will blend into your current floor finish sheen.  Spot sanding, sealing and finishing should be left to our experts.

To keep your floor in good condition throughout the rest of the winter, remember to keep the humidity level in your home in check.  Like your skin, hardwood floors need a certain level of humidity.  Use a humidstate or hydrometer (available in most hardwood stores) to check the humidity levels in rooms where you have hardwood floors.  It should be anywhere from 35% to 55% year round.  If it is to dry, use a humidifier to put humidity back into the room.  If it is too humid, use a dehumidifier to remove some of the moisture.

If your hardwood floors didn’t enjoy the holidays as much as you did, give us a call.  We can help you get them back into shape.  Yankee Classic Flooring is committed to helping you not only find the perfect flooring, but also to helping you keep it beautiful.  As always, consultations are free.

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